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Dental Crown

Dental Crowns
Dalton, GA & Calhoun, GA

A dental crown, sometimes called a “cap” is a restoration that provides a completely new surface for the entire visible portion of the tooth. A dental crown can protect a fractured, infected, or otherwise severely damaged tooth. It can help preserve your natural teeth so you don’t have to extract them. A well-made crown will make your smile more functional, healthier, and more attractive and can last many years.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are used in any situation where your tooth is severely damaged and either has or is likely to fail when chewing. Dental crowns allow teeth with a good dental root but a damaged visible portion of the tooth (confusingly also referred to as the “crown”) to remain functional. The most common situations where a crown is used are:

  • Teeth weakened by decay and/or the presence of large fillings

  • Broken or worn teeth that are in danger of exposing the nerve

  • After a root canal, a dental crown is used to seal the operated tooth

  • To improve the appearance of an unattractive tooth

  • To top a dental implant with a fully functional tooth.

No matter the reason for your dental crown, the result is both functional and highly aesthetic.

How to Get Your Crown

If you need a dental crown, we can help. Please schedule a consultation at the Dalton, Georgia office of Beautiful Smiles by Design today to learn more about your dental crown options.