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Athletic Mouthguards

Athletic Mouthguards

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If You or your Child is going to be participating in any kind of sport, even something not traditionally considered a “contact” sport, an athletic mouthguard is an essential piece of safety equipment. Athletic mouthguards have been shown to reduce the risk of oral or dental injuries as well as the risk of concussions, which can lead to permanent brain damage or death. Professionally-made mouthguards provide the best protection against orofacial injuries.

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Four Types of Athletic Mouthguards

There are four commonly-used types of athletic mouthguards on the market today:

  • Stock mouthguards

  • Boil-and-bite mouthguards

  • Dentist manufactured mouthguards

  • Neuromuscular mouthguards

  1. Although stock mouthguards seem like a cheaper alternative, they provide virtually no protection, wear out quickly, and can even impair performance by making it harder to breathe. Stock mouthguards should not be used.

  2. Boil-and-bite mouthguards seem like a better alternative. After all, they are fitted to the teeth, so they are more likely to provide protection and not interfere with breathing. If properly prepared, they may provide better protection, but studies have shown that under most circumstances these are little better than stock mouthguards. During preparation, they often get too thin in places or sometimes fit so they provide no protection whatsoever to some teeth. Even if you have experience with these mouthguards, it can take several attempts to get a proper formulation, and if you do not have experience you may not know whether you have gotten a proper fit with this type of mouthguard. They may also wear out quickly.

  3. Dentist manufactured mouthguards are individually designed for you. They are designed to protect your teeth specifically, ensuring the best fit, the most comfort, and the longest-lasting appliance. Custom mouthguards have been shown not to interfere with breathing, and allow normal speaking during competition, making them the best choice for anyone who wants to compete at their best level.

Why Use a Mouthguard

The most common result of not using a mouthguard in sports is soft-tissue injury. Bloody, painful injuries to the lips, tongue, and other tissues are much more common without a mouthguard.

Hard tissue injuries, such as chipped teeth, worn teeth, stress fractures, and lost teeth, are also more common without a mouthguard.

Finally, concussions may be more likely without the use of a mouthguard. Most experts agree that concussions are more likely if a person is not using a mouthguard.

If You would like to learn more about getting a custom-made mouthguard for You or your Child, please contact Beautiful Smiles by Design today for an appointment.